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In Minciucci, Sicily, there is a house with eights brothers.

Four of them during the 50s leave for Australia, a land full of promises.

An epic saga through the continuous exchange of original family videos: baptisms, weddings, funerals, which narrate 60 years of moving relationships of two distant worlds.

subtitlesItaliano, Inglese
shooting format4K
screening formatDCP 2K / 25fps / 2.35 scope
sounddolby 5.1
genrehistorical and biographic documentary
directorAlessia Scarso
storylineAlessia Scarso
screenplayEmanuela Taschini
DoPFilippo Chiesa
editorAlessia Scarso
composerMarco Cascone
first assistantDomenico Scarso

“There is only one possible journey: the one we do in our inner world.

I do not think we can travel further on our planet.

Just as I don’t think we travel to come back.

A man can never return to the same point he started from, because, in the meantime, he himself has changed.

You cannot escape from yourself.

All we are, we carry it with us on the trip.

We bring with us the house of our soul, as a tortoise does with his shell.

Truly, travel through the countries of the world is for man a symbolic journey.

Everywhere he goes, he is looking for his soul.

That’s why a man must be able to travel.”

Andrej Tarkovskij