Uninstalling love


Andrea can’t forget Anna. He is caught in a net of memories of that love. A weird huckster promises him that he will delete any traces of it. The backwards formatting process will, however, make good memories re-emerge and along with them the desire to win her heart back again.

Are you sure you want to remove your files?

titleDisinstallare un amore
duration15 minuti
subtitlesInglese, Francese, Spagnolo
shooting formatRedcam 35 mm / 24fps
screening format35mm / 2.35 scope
sounddolby SR
genrefiction, commedia surreale
directorAlessia Scarso
screenplayCoralla Ciccolini
withAlessandro Rugnone, Giuseppe Antignati, Cristina Odasso, Cosimo Cinieri
producerRoberta Trovato
DoPFerran Paredes Rubio
editorAlessia Scarso
composerMarco Cascone
set designerAmbra Gioveni
costume designerLisangela Sabbatella
make-upValentina Tomljanovic
soundMichele Parisi
availableHDcam / Betadigital / Beta SP / Bluray / Dvd


Surreal comedy about the end of a love story in the Internet era, “Uninstalling love” tells us how difficult it can be nowadays, when a relationship ends, to heal from the trauma. In fact, putting all the memories in the back of our mind is not enough: the other’s life must be “uninstalled” from our daily life, from our Smartphone, where we have saved a never-ending list of messages, from our pc and its emails, pictures, videos, from the social networks, which keep showing us photos and friends in common and let us run the risk to turn us into paranoiac cyber stalkers. How is it possible to fight against a system that disowns the right to forget?

Trapped in a net of memories, Andrea puts himself into the hands of a weird huckster, who promises him that he will remove any traces of his ended love for Anna. But the “formatting” process works backwards: by erasing the latest sad memories, the most remote and sweetest ones re-emerge. Andrea is thus confined by the uninstalling process in a limbo where present and past, loneliness and couple’s life are blurred. And what is left of the just deleted memories only feeds his desire to win back his ex girlfriend’s heart.