ARÀ it is an interlayer

Sometimes it blurs the feelings, other times it dulls the tone of a conversation

We use it to express concepts and ideas

Arà is not just a Sicilian expression: it is a trademark, a calling card, an infinite spectrum of possibilities for our expressing ourselves and understanding each other. It gives color to us who own it and surprises, convinces and conquers those who meet it.

Where do we start from

ARÀ is a film production company based in Modica (RG).
We were born in 2010 in one of the most beautiful UNESCO cities of the Val di Noto, in Sicily, a land of borders and cultural exchanges, and we travel and work wherever the wind of inspiration.

What do we do

We tell stories using the language of cinematic narration, intervening in every sector of the audiovisual chain, from television to new media with particular attention to cinema, both documentary and fiction.

Communication for people and businesses

Arà also lends its professionalism to the service people e businesses, creating corporate documentaries, promotional spots and portraits in the form of audiovisual stories.

Art direction

Alessia Scarso.

Filmmaker and astrophotographer.
Graduated in editing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, she collaborated as editor and post-production coordinator with various journalists, producers and directors, working on journalistic investigations, documentaries and short films.
Together with Arà she made her fiction directorial debut with Disinstallare un amore. Italo is her first feature film. In 2017 she produced and directed the short documentary Vasa Vasa.
Astrophotography, cultivated out of pure passion and contemplation, has given her an analytical and contemplative gaze on the landscape. Her shots and timelapses are published by Universities Space Research Association (a NASA service) and saw her as a finalist in prestigious international competitions such as theAstronomy Photographer of the Year of Royal Observatory di Greenwich of London and the Photo Nightscape Awards of Paris. Since 2019 she has been a member of the well-known group of astrophotographers Pictores Caeli. In 2021 she sets up his first monographic exhibition, AD SIDERA. Once upon a Time the Sky.

Our resume

Whether it is the story of a small inn or that of a stray, whether it is shown to a few people or reaches cinemas all over the world, every story is precious and must be treated carefully, using the universal language of moving images, enriching it with the breath and elegance of cinematic storytelling.