Ilde Barone, Modican painter. Portraits in the form of film narration.
The meeting with Ilde is a night of starry sky. A deep breath. A warm needle on the phonograph. We grew up in the same places. We breathed the same wind. Experienced the same gestures. In parallel. Our paths then trampled different paths, each in search of its own expressiveness. Knowing it and telling it was like a return trip, but to an unknown place. Her studio, a place made of its own substance, has become the scene of a confrontation to discover, explore and deepen oneself. In silence I had the advantage of listening to the sound of his thoughts. Watch his progress. Present your research. And to do it from behind the camera, mixing the cards of two languages. Ilde, simple, naked and shy, revealed herself to me in the place of the soul, physical and spiritual space, white and dark, ancient and beautiful.

Alessia Scarso

Ilde. Light on canvas 2:1

Ilde. San Sebastiano